Phi Kappa Theta Proud to Present 2015 Fall Pledge Class


Phi Kappa Theta is proud to present the finalized 2015 Fall Chi Pledge Class.

Front Row: Grant Lewis (Overland Park, KS), Zachary Will (Pratt, KS), Joe Kutter (St. Louis, MO), Brock Santoro (Shawnee, KS), Sam Johnson (Dallas, TX), Jarod Weber (Leavenworth, KS).

Back Row: Shawn Michaud (Hillcrest, NY), Benjamin Hakes (Evergreen, CO), Matt Moriarty (Leavenworth, KS), Mark Lopez (Roeland Park, KS), Jared Grieve (Paola, KS).

Former House Mom celebrates 99th birthday with Kansas Iota

Former house mother Velma Kuhn had dinner at the Kansas Iota Chapter House Thursday night to celebrate her 99th birthday. Velma was a house mother in the late 80s, and shares many special memories from that time. She is still extremely active with St. Isidore's, as well as volunteering around Manhattan. It was a special night for both Velma and Kansas Iota, and we look forward to her 100th next year!

Velma in 1986.

Velma in 1986.

Man of Faith Scholarship a Success

The weekend of February 28th and March 1st saw the return of the annual Man of Faith Scholarship interviews at the chapter house in Manhattan. We had 22 outstanding candidates interview for three scholarships. It was a great weekend full of outstanding conversations with incoming freshman to K-State. A special thanks to Mark Portell, Jim and Jill Weixelman, Brett Beier, and Corey Khan for helping us interview candidates.

Kansas Iota GPA highest since 2009

After a semester full of hard work and scholarship, capped off by a grueling finals week. The men of Phi Kappa Theta Kansas Iota waited to hear back on their final chapter GPA. Upon reception of the grade sheets from the Office of Greek Affairs, Phi Kaps were thrilled. Phi Kappa Theta received a 3.0023 GPA, the highest semester GPA for the chapter since 2009, and the second highest since Greek Affairs began to archive chapter GPAs in 2006. Phi Kaps are excited about their achievement and look forward to continued success.

A graph showing historical GPAs for Kansas Iota, and the current upward trend.

A graph showing historical GPAs for Kansas Iota, and the current upward trend.

Mike Finnegan Speaks at Phi Kap

Leadership studies professor shares words of wisdom 


Tonight, the men of Phi Kappa Theta had the pleasure of having a formal dinner and listening to Mike Finnegan.

Finnegan spoke about leadership and the difference between leading for others and leading with others. He noted that leadership should be a collaborative effort.

Finnegan also spoke about the experience of college students and how they should be open to learnng all the time. He said we should have a "hope" mentality to reach our goals rather than a "wish" mentality.

Brothers were very grateful for the time Finnegan took to speak and look forward to inviting him back again.